8-Threads, Taps, and Tapping - Hand Tapping Tools
There are two tapping tools used to turn the tap and form the threads, the T-handle and the Tap Wrenches.

Tap Wrenches have adjustable jaws that permit the use of a variety of tap sizes (from 1" down to 1/16" diameter. The tap wrench is often used where there is limited space between the spindle and the work piece .

Some T-handles have jaws or split-collets for holding more than one size but not as wide a range as Tap Wrenches. The largest T-handles will hold a maximum of a 1/2 inch square-shanked tap and are used in confined areas where a Tap Wrench would not be able to rotate. For the smaller taps such as 0-80 (.060 Dia.), ratchet T-handles allow the thumb and forefinger to advance the tap into the hole.

It is important to use a tapping wrench that is proportional in size to the tap. Too large of a wrench on a small tap can easily break the tap.