2-Transfer Instruments - Inside and Outside Spring Calipers

The outside spring caliper is shown above left and the inside spring caliper is shown above right.

To adjust an inside or outside spring caliper or other like instruments you must turn a knurled adjusting nut as shown on the left. By screwing the nut out the spring will spread the feet of the instrument and allow the user to adjust it to fit the feature size being measured..

With many transfer instruments a "feel" will have to be developed by the user to insure correct readings. This is something that cannot be explained here. Practice is necessary.

After gaging the part spring caliper can be measured using many different measuring instruments. Therefore the spring calipers is used for reverse transference. However the spring caliper can make forward transfers if it is first set to a measured size and then used a gage on the part (as in the case of GO NO GO gages)